Fire/Infernal Cape Service

Mega Deal
€24.99 €14.99

PurpScripts Fire/Infernal Cape Service:

  • 0.01% Ban Chance
  • Before And After Bank Value Pictures
  • 100% Refund If Issues/Ban During Service
  • Takes Approx 90 Minutes Start To Finish
  • Account Login Info Is Required [Recommend Using A Temp Password And Authenticator During The Service]
  • Picture Provided Is Minimum Gear Requirements, Better Gear Makes The Service Easier But Minimum Gear Will Be Required Before Starting The Service
  • 92+ Range Required [70+ For Fire Cape]
  • 94+ Mage Required [Infernal Cape Only]
  • 43+ Prayer Required [Applies For Fire/Infernal Cape]
  • 1x Fire Cape Required [Infernal Cape Only]
  • Budget Gear Setups Welcomed