Battle Buddy VSN Reset/Maintenance Service

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Battle Buddy VSN Reset/Maintainance Service:


What It Is:

  • In the event you’ve lost your product/license key, we can get it replaced for a flat fee

  • If you have made significant changes to your PC, including but not limited to: a system wipe, reset, Windows reinstall, or hardware changes like replacing your hard drive, motherboard.

  • These actions can change your system’s Volume Serial Number (VSN), rendering your Battle Buddy software unusable.


Why It Matters:

  • In the digital world, it’s crucial to protect intellectual property and maintain the integrity of software products.

  • Tying the Battle Buddy software to your PC’s unique VSN, we ensure that each copy of the software is used in a fair and legitimate manner.

  • This prevents unauthorized sharing and discourages nefarious activities.


How It Helps:

  • With the Battle Buddy VSN Reset/Maintenance Service, you can have a new VSN issued or a new copy of your already purchased product/license key for a small fee, restoring your Battle Buddy software’s functionality.

  • If your Battle Buddy software isn’t working after recent changes to your PC, or youve misplaced/lost your product, purchase the Battle Buddy VSN Reset/Maintenance Service instead of paying full price for a new product or license key.


Our Commitment:

  • We’re committed to providing you with a secure, reliable, and fair software experience. The small fee for Battle Buddy VSN Reset/Maintenance Service is a part of this commitment, ensuring we can continue to offer high-quality software and support. Thank you for your understanding and for being a valued member of the PurpScripts community. Your support helps us keep Battle Buddy the best it can be!